Session Options/Rates

To schedule a session, please select your preferred session type (by clicking on the white button) to access the appointment calendar.

Higher Wisdom Hypnosis (2.5 hours) ~ $225
Higher Wisdom Hypnosis FOLLOW UP (2 hours) ~ $180
Weiss PLR Hypnosis (2.5 hours) ~ $225
Weiss PLR Hypnosis FOLLOW UP (2 hours) ~ $180
Bowman PLR Hypnosis (3 hours) ~ $270
Cannon QHHT Hypnosis (4 hours) ~ $360
Newton PLR Hypnosis (3 hours) ~ $270
Newton LBL® Hypnosis (5 hours) ~ $450
NOTE: For the most beneficial outcome, LBL Sessions can only be scheduled after completing a Newton PLR Hypnosis session with Courtney.
HypnoBirthing® Series (five weekly classes - 2.5 hours each) ~ $1,125
NOTE: These are not group classes. Courtney works with one couple at a time to dedicate 100% of her focus to each couple and their specific needs.


Mokes Sunrise Location

Face to face sessions will be located in Herndon, VA near the intersection of Centreville Rd. and Coppermine Rd.

I also visit my "home away from home", Hawaii, a few times a year and accept requests for face to face sessions while there.

For those who are unable to travel to Northern Virginia or Hawaii, Higher Wisdom sessions and Weiss PLR sessions can be done over the phone/Skype.


Next Steps

Please read the information below as part of preparing for your session. Be sure to submit the three PDF forms (found within that page) at least 24 hours before your first session.



Please be sure to review the "Vlog & FAQs" tab prior to scheduling a session. Reviewing it again on the day of your first session is also recommended. The FAQ section addresses questions that you may have and also provides guidance regarding expectations (i.e. "no expectations" is a fruitful approach).

Also, people are often interested in hypnosis based on stories they've read. These stories are the cream of the crop since a book focusing on ordinary experiences probably wouldn't sell many copies. :) In my experience - both as a client and as a practitioner - it is very common for the first session to be seem quite "ordinary" in nature (while being very effective in a subtle manner).

After my first session as a client, my friends eagerly asked me how it went, and I had to be honest and say that (even though I truly enjoyed the session a great deal) what I saw was pretty mundane. It wasn't until the second session that things started to get really interesting, and by the fourth session, I was seeing things that were remarkable and totally unexpected.

Each person is different, so the rate at which they experience things will vary. In general, though, a "building up" process is likely to occur. I believe this is common since there is a process of getting you mentally prepared to see more. Just like with exercising, you start off at the base level and gradually increase your abilities and capacity through practice.


Akaka Falls


Prior to your first session, please fill out and email the PDF forms listed below. Please note that the session cannot occur until each form is submitted. The information provided in these forms will help to expedite the assessment/Q&A portion of your first session so you can maximize your time under hypnosis.

After your session has wrapped up, please set aside a few minutes to drink a fair amount of water if you are driving yourself. The water will help you to ground yourself in your body. Hypnosis is typically very, very relaxing, and you want to take the time (and drink enough water) so that you are alert prior to driving.



Below are links to three 2-sided PDF forms (totaling six pages). All six pages must be filled out, signed, scanned, and emailed to at least 24 hours prior to the first session. Thank you for your time and attention paid to these very important forms.

1) Client Intake Form

2) Consent and Release of Liability Form

3) Expectations and Payment Agreement Form

Congrats on taking the first step toward starting something very special. See you soon! :)