Hypnosis Options

There are several styles of hypnosis that you may choose from.  They are:

Higher Wisdom sessions (2.5 hours)
Brian Weiss style PLR sessions (2.5 hours)
Carol Bowman style PLR sessions (3 hours)
Dolores Cannon style QHHT sessions (4 hours)
Michael Newton style PLR sessions (3 hours)
Michael Newton style LBL® sessions (5 hours)
HypnoBirthing® series (five 2.5 hour classes)

Please read the information below to determine which style of hypnosis will be best for your current needs.


Higher Wisdom Sessions

*A Higher Wisdom session (2.5 hours) is the least structured of all of the session types and can go in infinite directions depending on what issue(s) we’ll be exploring during the session, the most likely experiences may include:

*Answers and information derived in a variety of ways … these answers may be very direct or metaphorical in nature.  If they are enigmatic, we will ask clarifying questions to uncover clearer answers.  We will also ask the wisdom within you (your subconscious wisdom) as well as the wisdom that surrounds you (the Universe, spirit guides, etc.) for the best steps to take toward working through an issue.

*Colors, energies (usually accompanied by sensations/emotions), and a variety of symbolic images often present themselves... we will explore their meaning/purpose as it relates to the hypnosis session.

*Pertinent memories from your current lifetime (some recent and some from as far back as the womb/birth)… working through “current life” issues may include:

~Parts Therapy, which allows you to connect with the “parts” of yourself that need to be heard (oftentimes the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual parts of you) and we ask how those parts are doing, what they need most, and what gifts they have to share with you.

~Inner Child Work, which allows you to lovingly connect with a younger version of you at the age that wants to communicate its unmet needs and its unheard messages so that the younger you and the current you can begin to heal.

~Gestalt Therapy, which allows you (through your intuition) to converse with someone with whom you have an unresolved issue… you are able to tap into the inner wisdom of both parties to come to an understanding with each other and to resolve the issue at a deep level.

~Dialogue with a Symptom, which allows you to have a conversation with one of your symptoms - emotional or physical - in order for it to communicate its unheard messages (including its origin and its purpose), so you can begin to release it (clients often use this self-healing exercise in conjunction with traditional medicinal options).

~Reframing an unresolved issue that occurred in the past by sending healing energy to it with the intention of shifting one’s emotions about the issue, so that your perspective and feelings transition from those of hurt to those of healing.

~Working with the Universe to send love to those you care about and wish to help… during this remarkable exercise you also allow the love of the Universe to flow into *you* so that you can be filled with this amazing feeling as well as practice the kind act of “receiving”.

~A progression into the future, which may be a future lifetime and/or information about the future goals of this lifetime… often including guidance regarding one’s life purpose and how to go about fulfilling it.

*Please know that the aforementioned options are just a few of the possibilities of what may happen in a session… we are very much connected to infinite wisdom during the sessions, thus infinite possibilities await us.


Weiss PLR Sessions

For a Brian Weiss style PLR session (2.5 hours), you will likely experience:
A Weiss style Past Life Regression (PLR) is a very gentle and loving experience that brings you into a light hypnotic state via a relaxation exercise and takes you through several past life memories that will be helpful for your learning, healing, and growth.  We will also explore the lessons that you were meant to learn in that past lifetime as well as how they relate to the lessons you are learning in your current life.  This style of hypnosis often leads to connecting with higher wisdom (see “Higher Wisdom” session details above) so that you may understand how to apply what you’ve learned in the most effective manner.


Bowman PLR Sessions

For a Carol Bowman style PLR session (3 hours), you will likely experience:
A Bowman style Past Life Regression (PLR) utilizes “affect bridging” to access past life memories that are most relevant to strong feelings/emotions you would like to address and release.  With this technique, we intentionally call to the surface these strong emotions as a way to bridge back to a time and place where you first felt them so that we may discover their origin as well as how to release them.  This style of session digs deeply into these emotions in a very balanced manner… once the origin of the emotion is discovered and released, we will then explore a “balancing” lifetime where you lived a life rich with the “positive opposite” (e.g. a life full of love instead of fear, a life of abundance rather than poverty, a healthy life rather than an illness prone life).  This style of hypnosis often leads to connecting with higher wisdom (see “Higher Wisdom” session details above) so that you may understand how to apply what you’ve learned in the most effective manner.


Cannon QHHT Sessions

For a Dolores Cannon style QHHT session (4 hours), you will likely experience:
Like the styles listed above, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session also leads to relaxation/past life memories/higher wisdom, but stands out as the option that takes you into the Theta state of hypnosis.  Within this very deep state, we will have a conversation with your subconscious mind to unlock profound self-healing and wisdom.  This state is so deep that truly amazing healing/shifts often occur... and the client may not consciously recall some or all of the “subconscious” portion of the session.  The session is, therefore, recorded so the client may consciously listen to the knowledge/healing received, which allows the conscious mind to reinforce the subconscious mind's wisdom. 


Newton PLR Sessions (an LBL Session prerequisite)

For a Michael Newton style PLR session, you will likely experience:
A Newton style Past Life Regression (PLR) is the gateway to the Life Between Lives® (LBL) process and is the first in a two-step process by which you may experience LBL. PLR is a key part of the LBL process and the journey to the spiritual realm. You will travel back in time via early memories in this life (including a fascinating in utero experience) and continue further through to a past life, which is, ultimately, setting the stage for a deep exploration of your authentic soul self as well as the profound wisdom of the spiritual realm.


Newton LBL® Sessions (subsequent to a Newton PLR session)

For a Michael Newton style LBL session, you will likely experience:
This deep hypnotic process is designed to connect you with your "soul self"/higher wisdom, including an enlightened and more complete understanding of who you really are. This connection to your true self occurs once we enter into the spirit realm, and you get to meet who you are as a soul ... since your hypnosis experience will be through the perception of your soul being rather than through your human mind. In addition to getting to know yourself and the Universe more deeply, you will also gain a new understanding of how your soul interacts with other souls as part of a soul group and/or specialized groups (addressing your soul's talents, educational interests, recreational preferences, etc.). LBL hypnosis also deeply connects you to the wisdom of your spirit guides/teachers, which allows you to draw guidance and information from their extraordinary wisdom. LBL hypnosis has virtually limitless possibilities, including the opportunity to explore why you chose to be you in your current human form, as well as agreements/contracts/relationships made with other souls (prior to this lifetime), and uncovering the origin of habitual behaviors and patterns that you may wish to learn from and release. This deep exploration of your soul being can be of tremendous (and lasting) benefit to your everyday experience as a human being.


HypnoBirthing® Series

For a HypnoBirthing® class (five 2.5 hour classes), you will experience:
HypnoBirthing® is a method that prepares a woman to give birth in a joyous and peaceful manner, while lovingly attending to the well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and the baby. The mother learns to trust that her body knows how to bring a baby into the world in the gentle way that Nature intended. The program includes relaxation, visualization, meditation, and breathing techniques, which allow for the baby and mother to have a calm and beautiful birthing experience.